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Hi-Tech / Софт

QImage Studio Edition v2007.165

QImage Studio Edition v2007.165

Редактор графических файлов, разработанный для редактирования фотографических изображений, снабженный многими инструментами для улучшения качества фотографий и достижения профессионального уровня редактирования. Для профессиональной распечатки графической информации.С помощью программы можно "бороться" с такими неприятными явлениями, как шум в цифровых камерах, который присутствует даже в дорогих моделях, не говоря про юбительские «компакты».С помошью программы можно доработать и распечатать фотографии.

Digital Domain Inc. is making Qimage 2007 available early and is thrilled to announce the most significant change to it's professional Windows photo printing software since its inception nearly ten years ago. With a completely redesigned and "skinned" user interface, an unbelievably clear and super fast "Hybrid" interpolation algorithm, and features such as copyright/signature stamps and "hyper printing" dual core print processing geared toward studio professionals, this bold new release is packed with advances. And there are three new editions to choose from, starting with the Lite Edition designed for the casual shooter through the Professional Edition aimed at the serious amateur/professional, all the way to our brand new Studio Edition for businesses such as photography studios.
New Features:
Brand new user interface (UI): To say we completely redesigned the interface is an understatement! You simply have to use Qimage 2007 to grasp the changes we have made. Beautiful new "skins" are used for all windows, new easier to use controls are in place including "hot panels" that can open/close as you move over them, and in a form-meets-function fashion, we've reduced clutter while at the same time increasing functionality.
Hybrid interpolation: Our new "Hybrid" interpolation is another improvement that must be seen to be believed. It is sharper and more accurate than our previous (yet well received) "Pyramid" method while being nearly twice as fast!
Fast print spooling: All Qimage editions benefit from faster and more efficient print spooling that results in your jobs being printed faster and control being returned to Qimage much faster than before. Between the new Hybrid interpolation and the new spooling methods, some users may see up to a 4x improvement in print speed!

New Features Unique to Studio Edition:
Hybrid SE interpolation: A version of "Hybrid" interpolation (above) that offers smoother edges and fewer artifacts such as halos. Perfect for softer portraits!
Hyper Printing: Ability to turn on multi-threaded print processing which speeds up print processing by as much as 20% on a single processor Pentium 4 and even more on machines with true dual processors!
Copyright/signatures: Ability to stamp prints with a copyright/signature. Copyrights/signatures can have an image and a separate mask and will be stamped on photos at the size designed (the embedded image size). Great for studio professionals and due to the separate mask, offers nearly unlimited possibilities via variable transparency.

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